Even more convenience
in operating roller blinds.

The first certified roller shutter module to support Apple Home.

Easy setup.

The flush-mounted MOBILUS C-MR BT HK module provides control of ordinary roller shutter tubular motors.

It is the first module of this type supporting the Apple Home protocol on the market. Integration with the HomeKit system will guarantee us ease of use, a high level of security and tight integration with Siri (Apple's voice assistant).

Comprehensive shutters control.

The MOBILUS C-MR BT HK receiver is operated directly via a Bluetooth® connection by mobile devices with the iOS system - HomeKit. The module works simultaneously in the COSMO | 2WAY communication standard, which will allow you to control the roller shutter with COSMO remote controls, COSMO | GTW and the smartphone control unit application.

Control from anywhere
in the world.

Apple Home enables remote control of the C-MR BT HK module, if we have devices such as: iPad, Apple TV or HomePod at home (they take over the function of the central unit).

COSMO | GTW will also allow remote service if we use the Mobilus Dom application to control.

Control with Siri voice assistant.

Integration with Apple Home provides control of the covers using voice commands. Issue commands to your iOS device or HomePod speakers.

„Siri, set the shutters to 30%”

Overload detection.

After connecting the module to the tubular motor, it will automatically adapt and become ready to work. The overload detection technology will ensure a very effective protection of the roller shutter armor against damage in the entire working area - e.g. during freezing up due to low temperature.

Sending feedback on position or congestion is ensured by the use of the extended COSMO | 2WAY bidirectional communication protocol in the case of the COSMO | GTW and Bluetooth® communication for Apple Home.

The user will receive feedback when the shutter is interrupted.


Automation in the Home app will allow you to create scenes, assign devices to them, determine their status, and choose when a scene would run.

Simple pairing and cover configuration.

The MOBILUS C-MR BT HK receiver can be operated in 4 ways.



Apple Home

Home App


COSMO remote

Classic roller shutter switch

Fast device update.

A very important functionality is the immediate possibility to update the devices with the dedicated MOBILUS BT application. Planned product development will not involve replacement, only software changes.

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